Post Press

Post-press operations are an important and integral part of the job. Proper finishing to a well printed job is what differentiates a good jobfrom a great job. We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs apart from services like folding, binding, punching etc.

Cutting Machine – POLAR 26"

Durable, Programmable cutting machines with hydraulic drive units. The unique cutting precision is obtained by the sturdy construction and the direct measurement.

Cutting Machine – RECORD 42"

Cutting-machine has stable transmission, high pressure and accurate positioning.

Offline Aqueous/ UV Coating- Autoprint

Autoprint offline sheetfed Flexo Rotary Automatic with UV and IR Dryer. It can perform Full or Flood coating, Spot coating and Spot-not window coating.

Maxima Auto Platen 25" x 56"

Sturdy, smooth performance, economic die punching machine with speed, accuracy and excellent incomparable performance.

Heidelberg Cylinder 22"x 32"/ 15"x 20"

These are automatic machines with high speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Cutting & Creasing – EVEREST

EVEREST is carefully designed to withstand the heaviest loads to provide unsurpassed cutting precision.

Carton Folder & Gluer 80 cms- Bobst

EXPERTFOLD carries out pasting process as well as provides in-line processes, such as Braille embossing with ACCUBRAILLE and HHS make sensor based inspection system.

Banding machine with hot sealing

A heat sealing machine is a type of sealer which uses heat as a medium of sealing materials.



Secure delivery to your doorstep is the final phase of our services.

Quality tested 5-ply and 7-ply corrugated boxes are used to package your job and are clearly labeled to ensure easy identification at your end.

We dispatch the ready material by surface couriers in any part of India and abroad to your doorstep. We also dispatch consignments by road transport or Air-Cargo as required.

We are able to understand your needs and are able to provide you with options of delivering the material to multiple locations within India or any other country as per your specifications & quantity.